The Investment

What better way to close out the third quarter of the year than brunching it up with amazing business women. Last weekend I had the opportunity to share my blogging and Instagram knowledge for a business, brunch, and brainstorming event.

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Table For 2

Two settings, two women, and one night of fun! It all started when we decided to take Coca-Cola up on their offer to whip up a New Orleans Grillades With Green Strawberry Relish  dish for their upcoming  tour entitled “The Table is Set: A four-city tour served with a Coke.”  Here’s the breakdown…

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Dear Hurricane Florance

Hey Flo Flo,

Thanks for shaking things up a bit for us over here on the east coast. I totally appreciate the way you had just about everyone shook to the core! I mean I’ve never seen so many people hop, skip, and jump out of town so fast. Thanks, to every news channel for updating us as fast as they could and keeping us on the edge of our seats. I must be honest I can’t recall the last time I kept my TV on the news channel all day long!! You’ve taught me a few things during your visit!

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Vegetarian Spanish Casserole

A few weeks back I posted this picture and the questions kept rolling in. So after much pegging and drooling over on Instagram and my direct messages I decided to share my recipe. Let’s get right to it…

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